Hello!! I am Jennifer Spurgeon, a self-published novelist and persistent daydreamer. I wanted to pop on here to say hello and welcome to my website! You will find, what is right now, only a small library, but a growing one. Currently I have two published books and one soon to be released. I have no intentions of stopping there. With every intention of becoming a full time novelist, I will keep writing until I make that happen.

As you can see on the home page, the combination of my books make up over 266k words. My goal is 1 million words! …Then I will consider myself a true novelist. As you continue to visit my website, I will keep you posted on my word count as I edge closer and closer to my goal, along with new books and different blog topics.

I am excited to take a new step in this journey, a step closer to fulfilling my ultimate goals. Thank you for joining me!

book cover mockup for Jennifer Spurgeon

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