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Birth of a Marquis

Prequel 1


Honor and wisdom will make him absent from the birth of his first child.  The intense pain of his departure seeming to mirror that of his eternal love’s impending labor.

But he has no choice.

Honor had long ago lifted an impassable mountain range against any selfish thoughts.  While wisdom made it brilliantly clear that timely decisions, not protective fortresses, keep citizens alive.  Especially at times like these.

Honor and wisdom had secured the realm for thousands of winters.  So now, once again, almost reflexively, he will sacrifice.  He will temporarily abandon his love, and the precious life about to join theirs.

It is the honorable decision.

It is the wise decision.

It is the wrong decision.

In “Birth of a Marquis,” Jennifer Spurgeon puts you in a time and place both endlessly fascinating and wildly unpredictable.  The events she describes are like scale armor, relentless and harsh, yet moving.  Equal parts heartbreaking and enlightening, “Birth of a Marquis” is a tale you will not forget. 

The Shadow of
the Knight

Radea, a land entombed in a corrupt darkness.  An immoral king, a tortured people…There is one knight torn between nobility and his sworn oath to the monarch.  As he disguises himself, under order of the Viceroy, to destroy the rising rebellion he treasures one dwelling of serenity.  One place of peace, held in the eyes of one so innocent.  Lives will be shattered.  Love will be lost.  But hope never dies in the epic fantasy series The Shadow of the Knight.  What is done in the darkness will be brought to the light.  And you, the reader, can decide.  Will you love this knight of Radea or will you hate him?

A Girl Named Coco

Inspired by events that shamed and shaped the nation, A Girl Named Coco lays bare the soul of plantation existence, where intense desire and brutal injustice blend like the scents of sweetness and decay in the summer-scorched cane fields of Louisiana. Until…

“Once you’re in you’re in.” Mrs. Hughes’s stare bore through Coco. “And eyes and ears will be on you at all times.
“I’m ready,” was all she could think of saying.

Born a free person of a slave mother, A Girl Named Coco courageously searches for her place in the wartime South, until she arrives at the perilous crossroads of the fight to win all their freedom, an impossible assignment in the most wretched corner of America’s deadliest conflict.


From acclaimed author Jennifer Spurgeon, comes an unforgettable account both horrific and uplifting, soaked in the naked misery and superficial splendor of a time when the worst of America’s history could create the best of American deeds.

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