Castles in the Sky


How do you refocus your mind to accomplish and manifest the life you want? Is that even possible, or no?

It seems bogus doesn’t it…to think that you may have the power to recreate your reality. I have been talking to different individuals who have amazing skills, people of different talents, who are afraid to go after what they truly love to do. Therefore, their passions become hobby’s, which, inevitably, fall by the wayside when “life” gets in the way. As a result, most people stay on the same rollercoaster life, and their dreams die with them. It blows my mind how good people are at what they love to do, and the way their eyes light up and their body language changes when you get them talking about it.

I’m a writer, and therefore a firm believer in the imagination. Our daydreams become code for the future. The things we love, believe, expect, fear, anticipate and hate most are typically the things of which our futures are made up. I found that the more I think about what I love to do the more I believe it can become a reality. Once belief settles in, then you create a plan. That is the beginning of manifesting your dreams.

So for those of you who have talents, who have passions that you aren’t living every day…I say believe in yourself. Daydream intentionally, using positive imagination, and refuse negative default imagery that the mind is programed, so easily, to turn towards. Dream big, and fearlessly. Don’t keep company with the nay sayers! Go after those castles in the sky…Your life is what you create it to be. Yes, you have that power!


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